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One page checkout reveal all checkout related information on one page.


Once you ready with your decision choosing a platform for your eCommerce store the second most important thing is user friendliness shopping. As per our years of experience and research we understand how frustrating for a store owner when they found visitors land on their product pages, add products in to cart and then leave the cart without placing any order, this is
called abandoned cart.

Why visitors leave cart without placing an order?

Reasons –

  • Average looking website design may be a constraint
  • Low quality product images
  • Lengthy checkout process
  • Local language/currency not implemented

We always keep an eye on visitor shopping behavior as we are running several PPC campaigns of our e-commerce clients. We always experimenting innovative ideas in cart pages design to make our cart pages interesting. Below you will find details about Magento checkout process.



Magento Checkout Process

There are total six steps involved before visitor place their order.

1. Checkout Type Selection

This step shows New Customer Registration, Registered Customers Login and Guest (without registration). Once customer logged in it will skip all these steps.

2. Billing Address

Visitors fills their billing address

3. Shipping Address

Customer need to click on check box if shipping address same as billing address. Also, shipping address helps shipping cost calculation and taxes based on shipping location.

4. Shipping Method

You can setup a flat rate shipping or give customers an option to choose shipping carrier to deliver their goods. Magento comes with default shipping integration Example fedex and UPSC. Once customer select shipping method it will affect in the next step, because of order total being changed.

5. Payment Method

You can provide COD, PayPal, Credit Card or may be other options available for customer to choose. You can extend this module functionality

6. Order Review

This step shows an order summary and ask customer consent on terms and condition of purchase, 3D secure authorization etc. and finally leads to thanks page.

One Page Checkout vs. One Step Checkout

One Page Checkout vs. One Step Checkout

One Page Checkout Advantages
One Page Checkout Disadvantages
One Step Checkout Advantages
One Step Checkout Disadvantages

Additional features

Add Delivery Date and Order Comment to New Order Email:

1. Go To Admin -> System -> Transactional Emails -> Add New Template

2. Select New Order template from dropdown, load template and give a template name.

3. Put {{layout handle=”opcheckout_email_comment” order=$order}} before thank you message at footer of email template.

4. Save template.

5. Set new order email template from Admin -> System->Configuration->SALES->Sales Emails.

6. Same for New Order Confirmation Template for Guest.

GeoIP – if You like to automatically fill customer address fields using GeoIP location – this is the feature You will love.

Navigate your store on mobile and tablets without zoom and pinch

Are you looking for easy one step checkout?

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